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what cables etc do I need to start hookup

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I am new to this forum but have lurked for about 2 weeks while deciding about purchase made at boxing day sales!!Panasonic PT56LCX70, PANASONIC S53K upconvert DVD player.PANASONIC SAXR75K A/v reciever Polk RM6750

now for the hard part;What cables will i need to connect all these new technolgy together HDMI cables but what about others?

Have also Pioneer PDF 908 plus an old Sony VCR

Signal will be provided with Rogers HD box

will all instruction manuals work together or is it a crap shoot to get all working right first time

thanks for any help Les
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Generally you will use HDMI for video and optical or digital coax for sound whenever available for the component. Some use component instead of HDMI. Your choice, both are good. Don't run your sound through the tv and out the optical out of the tv, you will lose surround sound. Run the sound directly from the component into the receiver.

If your receiver has HDMI in and out and supports video and sound thru it's HDMI, then just HDMI for all you can set up that way.

Sony VCR will probably be S video or something like that with stereo cables.

Depending on what each component can output, the level of quality for video is: 1. HDMI, 2. Component, 3. S-video, 4. Yellow Composite

For Audio the level is: 1. HDMI, 2. Optical cable or digital coax cable, about equal, 3. red and white RCA plugs.

So just check each component and chose it's highest level of output and use it. And for best sound, running any sound cable directly into the receiver rather than thru the tv will give better sound.
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thanks for reply.does hdmi and coax /optical when both hooked up create any conflict ie does hdmi override optical output

what about types /brands from monster name brand(pannasonic) or internet sellers.what is optimum length tv is in cabinet with components 4 ft from set

what cables come with these new sets? (zero??)les
HDMI and optical/coax can output sound at the same time. In order to avoid echos, just mute the tv if you plug the HDMI into it the tv for video and then all is well.

Don't buy Monster brand. They are way overpriced and provide no additional benefit to any other good brand. Many people on this site recommend monoprice cables as very good. Monoprice offers different levels of quality, try to stay with their top of the line and you will get very good quality for a fair price.

The new tvs come with a variety of cables as do the components you want to hook up. Each will be different, so just check what you get before ordering a bunch of cables.

Most cables are fine at 6' or less especially good quality ones like mentioned above.

One last thing. I personally recommend you get a APC LE1200:


It's a surge protector/voltage regulator with four plug inputs. It keeps the current constant into your components and provides surge protection for a very reasonable price. I use them on all my electronics and have had very good luck with the protection they provide.

Enjoy your new tv and stuff!
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still working on assembling cables etc..now new problem...panasonic sa-xr57 does not have phono input for turntable...how can i hook up this to access old vinyl......hooked up an old radio shack pre amp and got sound but no volume as compared to cd or tv input perhaps TT is not compatible in home theatre setup?

i tried hooking up my old stereo amp to sa-xr57 no go

any thoughts or where to look

Just another monoprice highlight- You can pick three quality 6' HDMI cables for less than $20 shipped to your door. Don't get suckered for cables elsewhere.
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