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What can be used as rack rail substitution?

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I'm looking for something that can be used as the two vertical front rails, and I only need about 3' high. I've heard there is a common type of steel rail found at Home Depot that can be used as a substitution, but I haven't been able to figure out what it is.

It would be silly for me to spend $150-$800 on an entire 6' or taller freestanding data rack when I would be cutting it apart, throwing away 85% of it, and just using those front rails.

Please help!
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You can buy rack rail from most any rack manufacturer. Call a distro. They may have some laying around the warehouse.
I've found things like this one, http://www.ccisolutions.com/StoreFro...rigin=Category but $45 for two 3' pieces of steel seems very steep, plus it's hard to tell if it would work with what I'm trying to do: mount it to a 2x4 frame. If I can just get some alternative at a hardware store, I'm all for it, especially since I'll be able to look at it in person. I'm only mounting a switch and a computer, I don't need anything fancy.
The part number and price seem about right but the pic in your link isn't correct. Look here for real deal.

That's what you want, if you want steel, can mount to 2x4, and have all the holes match up in the proper pattern for 21 racks spaces.

If not, buy some shelf angle, a 10/32 tapping tool, and a drill bit, and you can roll your own.
A 36 inch pair of pre-drilled and tapped rails from www.markertek.com is about $34. It's a lot of work to drill and tap 50 or 100 holes.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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