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What can I do to make an old portable TV Digital

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I have an old Spectra 5" Black and White portable TV which does not work because it is analog. I understand that it can be fixed with a DTV converter box, but I have no clue how to hook it up since it does not have a normal cable "port", but rather, a port the size of a headphone jack with this little thing that has two screws on it. It worked very well prior to the switch-over and I want it to return to it's former glory. What I would really like is to send it somewhere to somebody who can fix up the wiring to convert it to digital, but that's unlikely and if somebody could do it, it would likely be expensive. So here's what I need answered:

What do I need?

Is there a way to make this completely portable again (ie, a battery powered converter box?)

How much will it cost for all this?

Can I really send it off to somebody? If so, who?


Top: Back of the TV

Middle: External Antenna Connector

Bottom: Front (Sorry its so small, perhaps look up Spectra Portable TV 5"?
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First, for a cleaner connection, you should be able to use one of these plugged into the back to the tv to give you the "F" type connector you would need to attach a digital converter box...



Then, for the converter box, you could go with one of these...



Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the converter is sold in stores any more, but I did find a used one for sale on Amazon...



It's got mixed reviews, but I don't know that there are any alternatives for a portable converter box out there now.  Also, as noted in the Cnet review, the battery pack is sold separately, so you would have to track that down as well.  You might be able to find a different battery pack with the same connector type and same power/amp ratings if you can't find this particular model.


Would make for a nice conversation piece.


On the other hand, if you are looking for something to go in your bomb shelter, I would suggest a wired converter box with better reception and a generator. :)
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