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I kind of a newbie at HTPC so I was hoping you could help me out.

I just got a new projector; Mitsu' HD1000 (720p) and upgraded my OS to Tiger.

My computer is kind of old. It's a 733 Mhz G4.

What I would like to do is play DVDs off the hard drive once in a while. What programs do I need to enhace video or audio? I already have switchres X (haven't used it in a while) and Displayconfig X but that's about it.

In the near future I would like to add an external HD and store all my DVDs on it. Any suggestions? Hardware? Programs?

I have a HD DVR. Is there a way to transfer recorded programs to the Mac (firewire?) and possibly compress (mpeg2 or mpeg4, etc.) and burn to DVD? Can I only do this with SD material or can it also be done with HD material?

Is there anyway to convert .wmv files to .mpg files or vice versa? And can these be converted to mpeg-2 (DVD format)?

Is my computer too old? I'm considering getting a new one, but I don't use it that much.

Thanks for your help with such newbie questions.
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