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What Can I do with these parts?

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I bought a bose bass module and cube speaker at a garage sale for $10. They seem like they haven't been used much, so little to no wear.

The bass module contains three 5.25" woofers, and the cube speaker had two 2.5" "full range twiddlers".

Do you think it would be possible to make 2 bookshelf speakers with these parts? Of course, they won't be audiophile grade, but this should be good diy practice.

The bass module is a "Bose acoustimass 10 series II" built in 98. The panel on the back has 5 inputs and outputs rated for 10-100 watts per channel input.

I can upload pictures if anyone needs them for reference.
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"Do you think it would be possible to make 2 bookshelf speakers with these parts?"

its possible. problems that i see are the cost and amount of testing that you'd need to perform, the crossover that you would need to design and the parts that you'd need to purchase, and the poor results that you will likely end up with.
Your best bet is selling them on ebay. You could get $200+ for that crap and buy some nice bookshelf speakers or parts from parts express for BS speakers.
Yep, blose stuff isnt worth the time and energy to re engineer. But you can sell it for an ungodly amount of money these days.
Well the point of doing all this is just for practice/experience. I said it looks like it has little to no wear, but I haven't been able to test it or hear it because I don't have anything to drive it (noob). People have said that the complete set is pretty poor, and I don't even have a full set, so keeping it "as is" is not an option, and I'm already piecing together a 5.1 setup using all new, bought parts.

Everything is already partly disassembled (few wires cut, nothing irreversible). Now the question is whether to sell it as a bose product or charge premium for individual parts?


A click look on eBay and it seems these little pos's are going for much, much more than I bought it for. Guess I'll put it all back together and test it when my receiver comes, unless anyone thinks selling the woofers and tweeters for replacement parts would get more money (doubtful).

What Can I do with these parts?

These? Why, you can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...
yep the only thing blose is good for is its ridiculous resale value.
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