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What can I expect going from the Wilson 5.1 to the Sophia?

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Hey Guys,

I have the Wilson 5.1 at home for the last few day and I enjoy it tremendously.

The problem is that the specific pair (second hand) look really bad, with multiple scratches on them.

Anyway, I have an option to purchase a brand new Sophia, though there will be no chance of listening prior to the purchase.

What can I expect in terms of dynamics, soundstage, holographic imaging and resolution going from the 5.1 to the Sophia?

My only interest is HT. I use the Lex MC8 and Lex CX7 for power.

Please stay on the subject with out going to the 6 or the 7 which are not an option.


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I've owned 5.1's. They were very good but if you have an option to trade for Sophias and you are only interested in HT, I would advise it in "a New York Minute"

The Sophias although smaller will outperform your 5.1's

KeithR---where are you?
The 5.1 are not actually mine, but are up for sale (second hand).

I had them in my home for a few days and I liked the result very much.

The thing is that the specific pair looks bad so I was thinking of going for a new Sophia.

The downside is that it will be purchased unheard.

I responded to Ran already via PM.

Get the Sophias. Really are my favs in the lineup until the Maxx IIs.
Originally posted by KeithR
I responded to Ran already via PM.

Get the Sophias. Really are my favs in the lineup until the Maxx IIs.
I agree
hello Ran..

easy one - definitely go with the new Sophias..

I hope you brought Roman over for a listen..:)

I haven't heard from him in quite some time..

I have the Sophias with a Lexicon MC-12B and love the end result. I'm powering the Sophias with a pair of Odyssey mono-blocks. The center is the Wilson Audio Watch and the rears are the Sonus Faber Concertino's.

I previously had a full Snell compliment with Proceed Amps and this latest setup is far better.

I couldnt be happier.....for now atleast.

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Why not getting something else altogether, a fresh start..

The Wilson IS actually a fresh start as my previous speakers were the B&W804N.

The 5.1 were at my home for just a few days and I was blown away after realizing what they can do for HT applications.

I looked into a lot of speakers so I wouldn't like this thread to go anywhere else.


Roman is coming over in just a few hours..:)

Thanx guys for your answers.

I wonder if any of you can be more specific on the actual differences between the 5.1 and the Sophias?

For instance, I understand that the 5.1 has greater sensitivity, but the Sophia are actually easier to drive due to a more forgiven impedance curve.

Any thoughts on the resolution, soundstage, tweeter performance between the two?

Will the Sophia perform in low-moderate volume as good as the 5.1?

Thanx for your thoughts

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Another vote for the Sophia. It IS my favorite Wilson speakers, although I have not heard the Maxx II or X-2.

At one time I also had the B&W N804's as my mains - moved up to 803's then 802's..

Before switching to Wilson, I listened to the 800's and a few others and I would easily take the Sophias over the 800's..

I just wouldn't bother buying older beat up speakers when you can have the new designed Sophias...
i absolutly love my sophia's, and have no doubt that you will as well!
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