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What card for DScaler w/minimum noise

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I am looking for opinions on what capture card to use for feeding composite and S-video C Band to a PC to output to a CRT display. What are experiences with capture cards and their associated floor noise?

Do I need to goto a Holo3Dgraph for optimum performance, or will a BT878 card be sufficient? If so which one?

I am curious as to what people are using and how they feel about the image quality mof the hardware they use.


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I use the AverMedia DVD EZMaker PCI . The picture looks great. Do a search on it here and you'll see some other discussion of it. Its a very simple and cheap card so you can't go wrong giving it a shot. I think its around $40. No hardware mpeg encoding. They have a version that does hardware mpeg encoding if you need that.
Take a look at the PMS Deluxe card, suppose to be as good as the H3D minus DCDi.

Thanks for the replies. I found the that card very cheap, so for under $40 it's worth giving it a try. What software do you use for the scaling/deinterlacing with the AverMedia card - dScaler?


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