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I would like to do what everyone else has been doing for the last umpteen years, namely, make my own compilation CD's. Nothing new, I know.

I want to rip both existing CD's and LP's and pick single songs from each. I have all the actual hardware I need, including the cables for inputing LP's into the analog-to-digital converter in my PC. This all works fine. I started using Windows Media Player, and I'm not that happy with it, mostly because that program does not allow me to make all the tracks more level in volume, once I have them ripped and stored on my hard drive.

It seems some CD's or LP's are recorded loud, while some are recorded fairly low. This is obviously why I have to turn up the volume for some albums and down for others, but this makes it tougher to create a compilation CD with songs from many CD or LP sources.

So, can anyone suggest some software that is down-loadable, or buyable from Ebay that can do the full job? I had one demo version once, and really liked it (name??). There was a built-in graph of audio versus time, and it showed all the nasty pops and clicks that you have on old LP's, and these could be filtered out. As well, following the cursor along on the graph as it played, I could really fine-tune where I chose to stop it, and call that the beginning or end of a track. Again, I can't do that with Microsoft's player.

Most importantly I'd say that having a way to boost or lower the VU (right term??) of individual songs, so that all songs end up at about the same volume level on my compilation CD, is my most preferred feature. I've done some searches, but can't seem to find what I want now.

Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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