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I'm looking for a cheap Xvid DVD player that supports all Xvid features and other basics (3WP GMC, multiple b-frames, packed bitstream, QPEL, CQMs, >2GB AVIs, bitrate support for at least 3-4Mbit) and potentially with good subtitle support (position/fontsize control, manual SRT selection, and hopefully non-ugly rendering). Is there such a beast?

It'd also be nice to have support for resolutions larger than DVD width-wise, but with the total number of pixels/macroblocks the same or less, and OGM/Vorbis, but that's less crucial.

If a chipset supports these features is it likely to work on any player, or are firmwares a potential problem?

Is there a way to identify the chipset without opening the case?

So far I've only checked physically (at the store) an LG DV286. It fared better than I expected. Besides 3WP GMC and (I think) lack of subtitle control (besides being ugly) it supported all the basics. I have some doubts about the test videos I used, but I think they're okay. This player, though, costs more than twice compared with the brandless ones.
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