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What color is your room?

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I know that to achieve the best picture and contrast ideally one's room should be a darker color and not white. I am curious as to how many of you are actually using darker colors and how many are using white.
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My room is Tin Toy. By the way, in another post you said you bred dogs for spare cash, let me guess: Is it Bull Dogs? lol. I breed snakes for some spare cash.
My room color is called Plum Pudding which is basically about 18% gray (i.e. absorbs 82% of incident light) with a little touch of purple
My room was actually painted a light bluish gray before I moved in. It wasn't really setup to be a HT, but I guess since I have a LCD projector, digital surround sound, and a basic HTPC, it is now a Home Theater room.

My parents visited recently and refuse to call it a "Home Theater" room, instead it is referred to alternately as The Cave and The Black Hole.

But they also were blown away by the experience ;)

Don't really have a choice as we rent here in Hong Kong.

Walls are off white and the ceiling is white.

But this is the view from the Home Theatre while not in use.

We decided to paint our HT room walls and ceiling with a Behr Whale PIC-47 gray eggshell paint. What a difference this made to the picture. The blacks and grays were much better, in fact all colours were better and the picture had more snap to it.

Hunter Green walls and white trim - it is dark, but not cave like.
took a neutral gray card to the paint store and that is the color of the room except for the trim.
My room is black on the front, ceiling and carpet. The walls are dark grey. Family calls it the dungeon. Even with over 600 watts of light on, it is dark.
Dark Hunter green, white ceiling and trim, neutral berber carpet. It's pretty dark with the lights dimmed.
Originally posted by jxm71
Dark Hunter green, white ceiling and trim, neutral berber carpet. It's pretty dark with the lights dimmed.
We'll be doing Hunter Green walls, ceiling, carpet and furniture, with a dark grey proscenium. My former boss's theater (which I helped design) was almost all dark cherry wood :).

Since you asked...

We did the unthinkable! We deliberately painted our dedicated home theater room..."Ivory". OK, I know this is a Major sin in the world of HT. (I was in the retail side of HT and am 'THX-advanced' certified). However, after thoughtful discussion, we decided we didn't want to create a 'cave' as another poster put it. We also have a large floor-ceiling window with a beautiful panoramic view of pasture land, mountains, redwood trees, and the ocean.

So we decided to compromise. While we do have drapes for controlled lighting, the truth is the movie experience is much better (i.e. the image looks better) when it's not sunny outside.

We also "cheat" by having a 40" Mitsubishi direct-view which sits 'behind' the drop-down 8' Da-Lite screen. If we want to watch something during the day, we generally use the "tube"; at night we lower the screen.
mine's a dark grayish/bluish/purple.
The walls are a dark purple (I believe the color was "Grape Jam") with a neutral berber carpet and unfortunately white ceiling. I wanted to paint it a battleship grey but my wife said no. We got someone to make us black velvet blackout curtains to go over the one window in the room, as well as black velvet curtains to surround the screen on the wall. Plus we have black leather La-Z-Boy recliners and couch in the room. Really came out nicely, and my wife is more proud of the room than I am.
Presently mine is all white with beige carpet and my what reflections I get off my RPTV. I am rebuilding the room into a dedicated HT and plan to go with a lot of burgandy, grey and black. I am hoping to achieve something that will minimize reflection but not be too "dungeon-like".
Screen Wall: Black indoor/outdoor carpet

Ceiling: Dark Gray

Walls: Medium Gray

Floor: Light beige berber carpet

Seats: Black fabric
Late '80's Camel unfiltered, with a delicate veining of Cobweb. Flooring is dust-bunny gray. Most trim at shoulder level is tinted engine-grime black.

I think that the paint underneath was originally peach, but it was my then-roomate who actually painted it. She eventually left...
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