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I know that's very vague, but I know Onkyo very well by now - not so much other companies - only rough ideas of them. I know for sure Yamaha receivers I despise but that's really it. For sound quality, Onkyo is known to be one of the best and my current receiver from the HT-S6100 HTiB seems to be quite good. Things could be faster/better but in general, I like its method of operation.

Marantz has been recommended to me and for the same exact price ($500), I found the SR5004. I hear a lot of problems with it, but similarly with many Onkyo receivers TBH, as I problems I have experienced personally already as well. Marantz looks very neat and professional, and one up the looks of Onkyo. Considering the problems and the mentioned Marantz receiver being just borderline acceptable in terms of amount of functionality, it seems like I might have to discredit it as a contestant here... XD

Nothing else really comes to mind. I've looked the HT-RC270 completely through and it has everything I'd love to see. Is there anything else in this price range with equally as good sound quality and similar interface (that professional and direct look, same as Marantz).

What I like/has significant weight on the matter-

*All the decoding options must be

*HDMI 1.4a must be

*Audyssey MultEQ is minimal (I noticed Marantz often has better included)

*AUX 3.5mm input

*Phono Input

*USB (for iPhone or w/e...)

*HD Radio possibility

*Internet radio



*THX certified (gives significant comfort vs. not certified; alleviates the wondering "why not?")

What I'd like and aren't finding-


*Bluetooth stereo streaming

*Guitar Input (Possible?)

-Thanks a lot guys
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