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What competes with the Yamaha RXV765?

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I noticed on the 765's spec sheet that it supports 120hz video signal. I have a 120hz tv and want to run all my HDMI's through the receiver, even with the reciever is turned off for when I'm watching the news.

Are there any other receivers that do this? Also, I missed the $350 deal for the 765 at amazon a few days ago because I wanted to research more.

I will be powering BA CS 2 towers 1 center with this receiver for now, plan to upgrade as time goes on with a sub and rears.

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Can't answer the pass-thru question but NewEgg has Yamaha for the price that you were wanting. Also, they are an authorized Internet retailer for Yamaha so the warranty is good.
The concept of 120hz in relation to a standard video signal makes no sense to me. Thought there was mainly 60hz interlaced, 30hz progressive, and 24hz progressive (for movies.)

120hz on a TV referrered to it's internal refresh rate I thought?

Anyway, it should pass through all non 3D video signals with no issues I have heard of.
the refresh rate is internal to the TV. The source is 60Hz, the TV doubles the rate to 120Hz or 4x to 240Hz. The source stays the same.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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