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what compliments the panny 42

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I ordered the panny 42 from dell last week. While waiting for it to arrive I have been wondering what to match it with. At the moment I only have cable and Technics dvd audio player interlaced but with what appears to be component out.

I would appreciate imput on the best way to go from here...progressive dvd ( apex seem to have do- it- all ,new player and kenwood have a 400 progrssive ) or go with satellite?

I have read good things about the hbo HD channel from Direct Tv on the forum. is direct tv the way to go?, if so ,which is best stb ,the dtc 100 and the new box from sony seem to get good reviews.

It seems it is possible to get hbo only for 12.99 a month, what would the other expenses be dish, stb etc, what are the best deals out there?

I live near Trenton NJ , so I dont think ota HD is available, maybe it is.

Thanks in advance for any help.

the quietman
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I'm just a bit ahead of you, but going through the same process of deciding what to match with my new plasma monitor.

In general, the consensus is that if you want sports go with DirecTV, if you want movies and more eclectic programming, go with dish. You also have the possiblility of going with an address broker and use Expressvu or Starchoice from the Canadian systems. Depending on your ability to get a waiver, you may be able to get a couple networks on Dish.

Personally, I am sticking with cable until DirecTV or Dish have some of their new satellites up and we see which will provide more content. If you can get one of these systems without a long commitment, it might be ok. Currently, it kind of makes sense for me to go with ExpressVu as they provide the most HD content, but that may change in the coming months.

Good luck with your new system! --Karl
if you live near Trenton, there is lots of OTA HD you should be able to get from Philadelphia with the proper antenna- get a STB that does both Satellite and OTA HD- there is lots of programming and the HD will look great on the Panny

Both! If you can afford the plasma set, then surely you can squeeze a few $$$ out and get both satellite with HD programming and progressive DVD player. Progressive DVD's on plasma look very close to the quality of HD, depending on the transfer. That gives you a huge amount of potential movies to view and enjoy. If you add HD programming via satellite, you'll be in great shape.
Thanks for the help guys.

Iam delighted to hear that I might get ota HD from Philadelphia,

I think I will go for both dvd and satellite but one at a time.

DvD first. Any recommendations for progressive dvd ....the sony seems to get good reviews.

I saw a rca HD receiver ( dtc 100 I think) in Best Buy today for approx 450 and the special dish at 150. Is this a good system ?

Its good to know there are friendly people out .:)
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The Sony DVP-NS700P is a very good Progressive player:especially for the money

The RCA DTC-100 is also very good-there could be some compatibility considerations re output connection to plasma-check this out first: the RCA is a first generation HD box- there are many newer boxes out that might be better
I have 2 of the panasonic RP91 progressive scan DVD players and use one with the 42"plasma. The picture is stunning.

You may wish to consider a receiver that would allow for adjustments to any lip sync issues.
Thanks for the advice.

I ordered the blockbuster special (para todos system oval dish), I will later (month I hope) upgrade the receiver which I will have to buy myself. The dtc 100 gets good posts . I saw one at best buy i,t seemed to have vga out can this connect to a panny or are special adaptors needed?


Panasonic RP91K prog dvd player. Check the DVD forum at this site.
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