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What computer sound card for my system

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Do i need a special sound card to get 5.1 with a digital or coaxial out? or can i just buy the adaptor that goes from headphone jack into 2 RCA's and get that sound?

Ive been lookin at some sound cards but not sure what to do. I am getting Onkyo TX-SR502 that has 1 coaxial and 3 digital inputs.

So my main question is... Will i get 5.1 (5.1 is good enough for computer and for now i only have 5 speakers) with a normal output if the sound card supports it by the adaptor or do i need the coaxial or digital outputs

Also, if using the digital output on Creative Labs® Sound Blaster® Live!™ 5.1 Dolby Digital PCI Sound Card, How would i connect that to my reciever.. Onkyo TX-SR502, the adaptor?

thanks, and sorry about like 20 questions in there :rolleyes:
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You might have better luck posting on the HTPC forum. I only use my computer for AVSForum! :D

Coincidentally i was also looking for a similar adapter. I found one on tigerdirect for like 70 bucks. It connects to your USB port , and has coax and optical out. check it out. www.tigerdirect.com. i forgot what it was called, sorry. Look under sound cards.
most soundcards support digital out and have either a optical or coax connection on them.
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