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What Crossover Setting?

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What do you guys use for your crossover settings to subwoofer?

I'm using a pair of bookshelves crossovered to sub at 60hz on my denon 3805. What are your recommendations? My speakers are rated down to 40hz but I cross them at 60hz.
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The key is experimentation. THX developed the 80Hz point, most Japanese DVD players with internal decoders have a fixed 100Hz point. Setting your satellites to small may give you less distortion and set your crossover to the proper level.
I'm in the same situation, my old Advent 5002's go down to 40HZ at

-3db and even produce reasonably good output down to 32HZ. My

Kenwood receiver has a crossover at 80HZ and all my satellites are

set to small and it sounds great when watching movies. When listening

to stereo my mains are set to large because I don't use the sub. I just

happen to like the way my advents sound musically when they're at

full range. Set it up the way you feel it sounds best. Cheers.



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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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