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What DD/DTS A/V Receivers have 3 sets of component video inputs?

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I need to find an A/V receiver that does DD, DTS and has inputs for 3 sets of component video, capable of switching the high bandwidth of an HDTV signal. Who knows what's available?
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This is a good source.

The Onkyo has 3 in, 1 out and they work WELL. 40Mhz badwidth, which is a higher ceiling than the 32 required for 1080i and enough for 720p.

None of the Denon's have enough, by specs but have heard folks that say there is negligible signal loss. Jury's out, until it ships, if the new flagship 5800 will have higher/sufficient bandwidth. It amazes me why the company will not publish the specs.

Yamaha claims "unlimited" bandwidth which is a crock, but folks have used the RX-V1 successfully they claim.


Note some sets have different settings for DTV & DVD. On the TW the difference only appears to be in black level (i.e., you can switch in progressive DVD or HDTV and they both work) so some folks, at least myself, switch in DTV on one input and DVD to the other.

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