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Using McIntosh MX130 feeding an Amp One into either M&K 7's Or Golden Ear satellites (I've been using surround since before center channel  speaker systems became available, so I split the center channel into two and feed both sides of the amp), I have noted serious distortion of female lead actress lines on TV or other video (DVD, BluRay, computer feed, or Netflix, all directly into TV.

I put a Technics multichannel graphic equalizer in the loop to try to correct, and did, but still it is not right. 

This is a fairly new phenomenon. If I turn on the TV's speakers, all is better, but not in volume sync/balance with the rest of the system (MC2600 into AT cobalt copper into Infinity Kappa 9s)

I look into replacing with Orb center channel speakers, or the Orb amp and speakers, but look to other's advice.

The McIntosh has RCA stereo inputs, I feeds the Sharp TV into the TV ins.

I tried reversing polarity on the Golden Ears, and it is better. (the boominess reminded me of that error.

I look for advice... what graphic channels to boost or suppress, different speakers?
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