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What differences in these sony 12xx remotes?

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Are the rm-1271 service remotes and the 1270's user remotes? I think so, but I want to make sure before I give anyone wrong info.

They do work for all 12xx's correct?

See pic attached.
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I believe the 1270 has the switch on top for selecting index/switcher input control and the 1271 does not. Other than that, I don't think there is much difference between the two.

I own the remote without the switch and it still operates the index or memory (aspect ratio/picture settings) on my 1272Q and allows access to setup functions. So I would say they both do the same thing.... best to point one of each at a 12XX Sony and see, but the switch is the only difference I am aware of.

And if memory serves me I have used my remote on a 1271Q as well. I was looking at purchasing it, and brought the remote to my 1272Q along. I don't recall the 1271Q having any problems with it. So they work with at least the 127Xs....more than likely the entire 12XX line.

Hi its the other way around

The 1271 has the switch for the switcher index

and two more keys (9 and enter)

The 1270 is the same as the internal remote

I think the 1292 is different but they both work on all the other 12xx


Halo 1963
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Oh wait. I didn't see at first that the plastic cover on the bottom buttons flipped down. It sure isn't easy either.

I thought for a second it didn't even have the buttons.

In the immortal words of Roseanne RoseannaDanna... Nevermind.

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