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What diffrence will I see 2 Pa-120's Ver 1 PB12nsd

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I can't afford to spend a lot but I curnently have B&W 683's for front B&W 685 for Side and some older kenwoods for rear chanel and a BW center. I got the 10 BW sub with the system when i first got it. The sub it now were nearthe quality of the other speakers and stays turned off most of the time do to the way it sounds.

I looked and read a lot of good things about the SVS PN12nsd and the PA-120's.

Have a 23 x25 room and was wondering if I would be better off spending the xrtra just buying one singel PB12 or be better off getting 2 PA-120 and still spend less than than what I would for the PB12.

98% time system is used for HT

I am very tired of not having a decent sub so I would be very thankfull for any help.
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Welcome to the forum,

I'm not sure which would fill your room best. I had a PB12-NSD in a 13x23x8 room and it really rocked, but with some openings to other areas I felt that I "needed" more headroom. I have no heard the PA-120, but they seem to get some good words especially for the price. But so does the SVS. Maybe someone here will be able to help who has heard both or knows the PA-120 well.
If it's just mostly for home theater then I'd say the difference is not as great as if you're using it for music/movies split....but the largest difference would be if you use your system entirely for music. In that case...the SVS sub would be far better than 2-PA 120's imo.

However you can buy 2 PA-120's for less than 1 PB-10NSD...let alone the PB-12NSD, so there is a real bargain there for someone starting a home theater. Probably the best bang for your buck entry level home theater sub on the market.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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