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Alright currently I'm using Paradigm 3se as the fronts and I have a Onkyo tx-nr616 coming in the mail (current receiver just broke). I'm wanting to eventually get a 5.1 setup. I like the sound of the 3se's although I have never auditioned other speakers before. I'm buying used also so I'll have to wait to find the right speakers.

Should I just try and locate another set of Paradigm 3,5,7,9,11se speakers as I like the sound? Then try to find a matching center channel? (may have actually found some used 3se's v2 with the CC-100 center just waiting to hear back)

Or would it be easier to find newer used speakers with a matching center?

There's also set of Titans v2's for sale near me and I've heard good things about those. I'm not against other brands I just happen to like these speakers but I really don't think I'm that fussy.

I will add a sub further down the line.

This will be mostly used for movies but I do put some music on now and again.


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