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Sorry if this topic has been covered, I was just unsure what to search for to get my answer. My house is wired with speaker wire and I have the need to power 11 pairs of speakers through out the house. I have 11 impedance matching volume controls, all the speakers and the stereo that I want to use to feed the sound. I had 7 hooked up to an old Yamaha receiver and it worked ok, but I did have power problems because the receiver would periodically shut itself down. I now have a different receiver and know that I probably should get an amp of some kind to boost the power to feed each of the speaker, but want to spend the least amount possible to get the results I desire. I am only looking for one zone. These are the items i am currently working with, all purchased from Amazon if wanting to look at the details of each item. Any advise is welcome.

11 - White Wall Mount Impedance Matching Speaker Slide Volume Control Switches 5TSVCS(W)

7 - Polk Audio RC85i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)

4 - JBL SP6CSII Round 6.5 Inch Stereo Dual-Tweeter In-Ceiling Speaker

1 - Marantz M-CR603 Network Stereo Receiver with CD Player


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