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I am looking for some advice for the following setup

We have 9 TVs each with 2 cat 5 cables from a cupboard under stairs

and 1 coaxial cable running to each tv from the loft for connection to a standard aerial thinking behind this is if system fails customer will still have access to freeview built into the tvs

Customer requires access to a DVD library at each TV with control

cd library at each TV

Sky hd in lounge we have run sky twin coax to lounge hd box will be ok in lounge as a stand alone system however we still have 2 cat 5 cables to this point

3 sky+ boxes under stairs to be accessed by rest of tvs

Up to 9 cctv cameras to be accessed from each individual tv possibly run down coax using rf frequencies

and also accessed from internet at customers office

at the moment sound is going to be using tv\\'s own speakers as build is too far advanced to start fitting speakers however it may be possible in upstairs rooms

one tv will be outside and may be a projector customer not yet decided

two tvs are waterproof and installed in bathrooms

hope this all makes sense and i look forward to hearing from you


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