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What do ya think of the new Tool disc?

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OK yes this is about the new "10,000 Days" Tool reunion CD, not a DVD. But with all the prog rockers (not just Fred ;) ) around here I figured the release of a new TOOL CD would be a pretty big event.

First of all the 3D case is the coolest CD case in history - bar none. Instead of flimsy plastic to view the 3d pages through, these are beefy eyes pieces. And the 3D photos and artwork are VERY cool. Overall an indulgent novelty every bit worthy of the event of a Tool reunion.

How do I like the disc? Just like Lateralus I didn't like it very much after a couple listens, but I gave it time and now I think it's superb. It's more along the lines of "Lateralus" than "Aenima", favoring the trippy meandering of "Lateralus" but also being less abstract and having more dark prog rockers like "Aenima". So it's somewhere in the middle which is probably exactly where it should be.

I think most Tool fans will enjoy the heck out of this after a few listens. Has anyone else picked it up yet?
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I like it alot. However, I wish they would have put a couple more actual songs on it. Too many trippy sequences if you ask me. But, the actual songs on the disk shows why they are still the best band around. IMO.
Well, since you single me out- I've actually never listened to much Tool. Not for any real reason, they just slipped through the cracks. What I have heard I thought was terrific. I'm going to make an effort to check this out...
What I've heard on the radio is good. I guess it's a good sign that I feel worn out after listening to them. They are like Yes on crank. But I may only be hearing the harder, more frenetic stuff on the radio and not the trippier stuff, since radio and trippy mostly don't go together these days.
tacos - you probably weren't a big fan of "Lateralus" which has even less in the way of "real songs". "Aenima" is still my favorite (what a brilliant freaking album), but "Lateralus" was a step back from its intensity going trippier, more abstract and less melodic. It was the perfect chaser to Aenima, and "10,000 Days" is almost a synthesis of both.

FredProg - Hehe, with your handle and postings on various music threads you were a natural to single out. "Aenima" is probably the most rocking and accessible place to start with Tool. If you pick up "10,000 Days" be sure to give it LOTS of spins before giving up.

When Lateralus came out I must have played it 10 times before just conceding that I'd never get it. I listened to it again by chance last month, and just fell in love with it. This one is more accessible than Lateralus, but even as a huge Tool fan, I didn't care for it at all for the first 3-4 spins. Your patience will be rewarded with this one.

Dean - Even on their hardest rocking discs like Aenima they have quite a few trippy ambient tracks. Still 10,000 Days is quite a bit trippier and almost needs to be listened to all the way the through as an album rather than a collection of self contained pieces. Kind of like watching a Twyla Tharp dance group.
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Actually, I think I'll try starting with the non-accessible stuff :D

Sorry. I'm enjoying this disc immensely. :D

I hope my car speakers can take the abuse they're getting.
I really like Undertow alot -

The new one is mixed for me - still need some more listening ....
CD package = Best ever.

Being a huge Tool fan, I love this one! Much more connecting the songs together then previously. One of those CDs I like to listen to from beginning to end in the dark.
I think, like everything Tool puts out, it is a very well written, well produced and creative and interesting album, but personally I prefer Tool when they're down exploring the mud and dirt and blood and puss of the human condition and human society, as opposed to when they're exploring the stratosphere of their own spiritual experience, so I felt the album was just good. Spiritual experience is basically ineffable to the person experiencing it. But when you try to express it, even in song, a little too much is lost along the way for it to have all that much meaning. IMO at least. Personally I'd have been happier with an album full of "Vicarious"'s, but I guess that's just not their style.

Really good packaging though. I've always loved Alex Grey's work, so I'm glad they brought him back to do the art work for 10,000 days after he did such a cool job with the Lateralus packaging.
i enjoy the album but for some reason i'm hopign this is the last one.
Originally Posted by HTCrazy
How do I like the disc? Just like Lateralus I didn't like it very much after a couple listens, but I gave it time and now I think it's superb.
that is pretty much how I feel about it. tracks 1, 2, 5, & 9 are my favorites.

I was surprised to hear a breakdown in #2 Jambi - but I dig breakdowns, so that was cool.
Originally Posted by cburbs
I really like Undertow alot -
me too... Opiate is my favorite, and Undertow is #2!!
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