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What do you guys think about this offer on Toshiba 62MX196

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It's a rear projection but I'm thinking about it, the unit was purchased on boxing day 06 and the seller replaced the bulb last yr, hes asking $1000 obo. If $1000 isn't good, what would be reasonable to ask for ?

* 1920 x 1080 DLP RPTV (xHD5)

* ATSC Terrestrial Tuner

* NTSC 191 Channel Tuner

* QAM 135 channel cable Tuner

* TV Guide EPG

* THINC Home Networking

* PixelPureAT Processor

* Cable Clear® DNR

* MPEG Noise Reduction

* Dynamic Contrast (Low/Mid/High/Off )

* Vertical Edge Enhancement

* 3D Color Management

* TheaterWide Modes (5)

* Color Temperature Control

* Picture Mode (Sports,Movie)

* Auto Aspect Detection (480i only)

* HDMI Auto Aspect (480i/480p/720p/1080i)

* Double Window POP

* Screen Freeze

* 3D Y/C Comb Filter

* Lamp Mode (150W/120W)

* Lamp Power (W) 150

* Quick Restart Lamp


* 480i/480p/720p/1080i input

* Clock

* On/Off Timer

* Game Timer/Sleep Timer

* Video Lock/Video Label

* Direct Input Selection

* Picture Setting by Input

* Panel Lock

* Channel Return

* Channel Browser (32)

* Channel Lock

* Favorite Channel (18)

* SurfLock

* Auto Search Memory

* Trilingual OSD

* Closed Captioning

* JPEG Picture Viewer

* MP3 Audio Player

* On Screen Keyboard

* Internet Software Upgrades

* 6 Item Back Lit Universal Remote (CT-90256)

* I/R Cable


* Voice Announce Troubleshooting



* SRS® TruSurround 5.1

* Virtual Dolby Digital

* Dolby Digital/PCM Output

* 30 Watts Audio Output

* Two Way Speaker System

* Separate Bass/Treble

* Stable Sound ®


* (2) RF Inputs (Analog/Digital)

* (2) Audio/Video Inputs

* (2) S Video Inputs

* (2) ColorStream HD Inputs

* (2) HDMI Inputs

* (1) PC Input (15 pin Dsub)

* (1) PC Audio Input

* (1) Audio/Video Output

* (1) Variable Audio Output

* Digital Audio Output (Optical)

* (1) RJ-45 Ethernet

* IR pass through

* G-Link

* CableCARD
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Used DLP tvs are a $500 maximum value. And in my personal opinion, with all the repair problems and large expense to fix them (if you can even find the parts anymore), they are more accurately valued at worthless.

Don't buy it. Find an LCD or plasma tv in your price range and get that instead. I prefer Samsung LCDs.

Read thru this forum with DLP disaster stories. I have one, so it's not like I'm a DLP basher or anything, it is just that they are a failed technology which should not be purchased anymore due to availablity of much better technology, LCD, for very good prices now.

And if you really want only a DLP, check the link for a new one with warranty, almost the same price you show for a three year old tv.

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Stand included?

There are no customer reviews @ Amazon
DLP is hardly failed technology. Ask anyone with a front projector.

Just because most consumers are convinced to purchase lower quality displays for external aesthetic reasons doesn't mean there is anything wrong with DLP. DLP still maintains several advantages, not the least of which are excellent picture quality and high ratio of screen size to cost.

And if you're going flat and you really care about picture quality, plasma is STILL the way to go - even all these years later.

I got the 62HM196 in Jan 2007 for $1699. $1000 seems like an OK price assuming it is in proper working condition.

$500 seems a bit low for a TV of that size and quality. I'd say $750 would be a pretty great deal - again - assuming there is nothing wrong with it.
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