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What do you like or dislike about the Nintendo GameCube

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For me . . .

I love the controller. Very comfortable.

I dislike the fact that I can't fit it into my AV rack.

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Zelda Windwaker is a great game. Wavebird controller is excellent. Great games on the Gamecube.

Lack of on-line game play is the weakest point of owning a GameCube.... it doesn't exist. The lack of Dolby Digital isn't as big a deal as everyone makes it sound. Dolby Pro-Logic II sounds quite good on a compatible receiver.
Love the (1st party) games; the controller (Wavebird is wonderful); and it's nice and compact.

I don't like that 3rd parties don't push the hardware (or Nintendo themselves for that matter): after seeing Starfox Adventues, it's clear this machine has massive reservoirs of power that simply aren't being tapped--I will miss Rare for this reason alone.

And yes, SFA wasn't much of a game but sometimes you need a nice piece of eye candy to go with the real games--just ask Xbox owners ;)

(yes, I have an Xbox; yes, it was a joke; no, doodoo, i'm not interested in what you have to say)
The Gamecube is the first Nintendo console I have bought since NES. I have to say it is probably my favorite console to date. The level of quality and originality that Nintendo seems to put into their games is just unmatched.

Metroid Prime has to be one of the best games I have played in a long time. It's very rare when I get so anxious to come home and start playing a game again, but Metroid Prime had me always looking forward to seeing what was coming next.

The wavebird controller is my preference for any videogame console as well. I didn't think I would care much for a wireless controller as I figured it wouldn't be very responsive and would lack the rumble feature. But, after playing with the wavebird for some time, it's difficult to go back to wired controllers. The level of freedom with wireless is just simply amazing and is something to be experienced.

I personally am not all that concerned about Nintendo's lack of online play. I'm not really interested in playing games online. I would gladly take an incredible single player game than an online game from Nintendo any day of the week. I'm sure Nintendo will get into the business soon enough, but it's sad to see so many people(not here but in other forums I read) turning up their nose to Nintendo for this reason.

Personally, I always thought Rare was a little overrated. They made very good games, don't get me wrong, but their games usually came in second to Nintendo's. I think Nintendo made a good decision selling them off as they got some MAJOR cash for them and now they can use that money to invest in other game developers such as Retro. Retro's first game, Metroid Prime, turns out to be way better than anything Rare ever put out, and it probably cost Nintendo half as much to pay these guys as it would've to pay Rare to make a similar game.

In any event, I hope nintendo can manage to stay alive in these competetive console wars. I think Nintendo makes the best products on the market. However, with Sony and now M$ as competitors it will be very tough as both Sony and M$ have MUCH deeper pockets than Nintendo and can afford to take a loss for a while.

As long as Nintendo keeps making great hardware and software, they'll continue to get my business. :)
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I love the Gamecube starting with one game:

Eternal Darkness..

It's awesome. And hey, it even has a 16:9 mode.


They need to get over the kiddy crap and also make a system the plays DVDs

I like the design of the Gamecube, but damn, it really does have a "Lunchbox" feel to it.....
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Nice cartoon Jason!

I like the wavebird, go figure. Most of the games don't seem to suit my tastes. M.P. does, it's top notch. I'll give Zelda a try since XBOX hasn't put much out recently that I am interested in buying.
I like the fact that the gamecube is a gaming only machine. It helps keep the price low on the machine, and I don't need #49281 dvd player in the house. Plus because of Nintendo's format... look ma.. no piracy!

Controller is great for my hands, hate the mini-me d-pad, and the z-button placement though.

I love all my games that I bought for it, with the only regret being Starfox Adventures. PSO is eating up a ton of time right now. Plus the racing genre needs some major work, and Nintendo needs a flagship mech title...everybody else had one :)
Likes. Great games. Very few games, but few that are released, are normaly great. Can't live without Zelda. ^^

Dislikes. No optical port for 5.1 sound (but, the PS2 is at fault to since none of it's games are 5.1 during gameplay). Slow releases don't bother me at all. Let's me keep up with my other consoles.
I love the controller . . . can play Crazy Taxi for an hour before feeling any problems in my hands/wrists but I could barely play 2 sessions (maybe 12 minutes if I was lucky) without excruciating pain on the DC pad (yeah, I've got corpal tunnel syndrome). The WaveBird just makes it that much better. No rumble on wireless if fine by me as I normally switch it off, anyway, as it causes more strain on my hands and wrists than I need.

After that, I dig the fact that it was easily modded (I've had JPN Cube switch modded since the October before its US release), which leads to the fact that I love having something I can easily play imports on (I dig being able to try out weird, likely Japanese only stuff sometimes, and love being ahead of the curve on big titles like Soul Calibur II).

In the past, I haven't been perfectly happy with the size/shape of the thing. Not that I care what it looks like, but in a past incarnation of my gamming rig, I've actually had to rig more open space on a shelf just so I could get disks in and out of the Cube whereas my DC could share the same space (height wise) with my Xbox and still switch games. I don't generally recomment tray mechanisms for devices as they can be a bad failure point (just look at all the dead PS2s and other lesser known tray load DVD players), but it might have been very helpful. Of course, I've since redesigned things and this is less of an issue now.

A lesser dislike was the external power brick and the odd placement of it along the cable length. I've not come up with a good way of running this in my rig, so I've had to settle with hiding it behind the XBox most of the time (see, its not too big, its the perfect size to hide my GC powersupply =-p).

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Games - Metroid & Zelda

Controller - Wavebird Wireless rocks


Progressive Display: Not 100% support from titles & don't like being prompted every single time I fire a progressive scan game up to again put it in that mode.

Online: Non-existant compared to XBox & PS2
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The only thing I dislike about the cube is the paultry memory card capacity (just got one of the higher capacity ones, but my previous 3rd party hicap took a dive, and that just plain sucks).

I also don't care about online gaming, I much prefer four-players on one console. PSO rules for that, and on gamecube you don't need no live account.
It's not as much as the amount of memory on the cards. It's how the games are saved on the cards. Very very retarded.

I have the original memory card, and the 251.

I have 137 left on my 251, BUT all 16 blocks are used....so OVER HALF the memory card is unusable.

Did I mention this was retarded.

The PS2 memory card was implemented much better. You can use all 8 megs of the card since there isn't a fixed number of blocks.

But here is the solution for Nintendo's goof-up
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-wavebird- simply put the best controller ever! cheap as dirt and it just works. nibbles away at batteries too so you're not constantly replacing them.

-progressive scan mode- games are smooth like butta

-1st party games- you can't beat mario, zelda and metroid

-audio quality- for a plain old analog stereo out it still manages to sound mighty nice.

-gba linking- being able to use your gba in gc games is a great idea and cool when done right. what the Dreamcast VMU and Sony PocketStation wished to be and more!

-price- not that i got mine cheap, but if you're in the market now it's the best bang for the buck going.


-progressive scan mode- you should only have to set it up in the dashboard and have it engage it automatically every time.

-audio output- pro logic II might be great for those with the right equipment, but I don't have a new receiver and I feel i'm missing out :(

-controller button placement- it may feel comfy to hold, but using the z-button and the directional pad is just plain awkward.
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Originally posted by Wombat Woo
But here is the solution for Nintendo's goof-up
any info on whether this beauty would work with a Mac under OS X? that would be a great toy to have
My Gamecube is still my favorite console of the 3 that I own.

I still haven't encountered anything about the system that I really dislike. The lack of online gaming doesn't bother me at all. I'm happiest with a game that I can sit down and play and enjoy all by myself.

I do enjoy all of the first party games that I own, the 3rd party games that I have bought for the system, the GBA connectivity, and the Wavebird.

the fact that they don't license any games that arent targeted at the 12 and under crowd may kill them. I think that if they dont change, they may end up being a software only company like sega is now.
I would say Metroid or Eternal Darkness are games that are targeted to a slightly older audience than 12. Also, even some of the other games which are supposedly "kiddy" like Mario or Zelda are also kind of aimed at older audiences as the game's puzzles and such tend to be too difficult for younger kids. Just because the appearance seems to have a child like essence to it doesn't mean that it can be played by children.

I personally think Nintendo should be commended being able to make such quality games that appeal to the masses without having to resort to over the top violence or sex like so many game developers are.

The Games!!! Every 1st party game released on the cube is quality and there are plenty of third party games to satisfy my appetite.

The controller is very nice and perhaps the best first party controller ever. The PSOne/PS2 contoller hurts my hand and the Xbox oneis too big and the DC controller just stunk. Nintendo's controller is the most natural controller I've ever used.


Its called the kids system when there are plenty of games that anyone can enjoy. Nintendo doesn't exclude the older gamers, its the other consoles who exclude the kids.

The D-Pad: Okay the controller isn't 100% perfect, but darn near...
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Originally posted by tramahound
any info on whether this beauty would work with a Mac under OS X? that would be a great toy to have
I would tell you, but then I would have to kill you.

Na, I don't think it works for macs. The software for the card for the PC is right on the bottom of that page in windows executable format.
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