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Had mine for about 2 years now, brought second hand for a reasonable price and still going strong. Seeing the new price was a shock, though cost out individual components (amp, tuner, dvd, cd) and i guess it is reasonable.

It reduces 3 to 4 boxes to 1, and to my ears at least ,provides really good quality noise through the stradas and kefs, what more do i need... I like the fact that it plays cleanly and loud enough to fill the room easily. It is not high powered from the specs, but seems it! Running as surround sound it handles all 5 speakers well, recently got a sub and it slotted right in. The various sound programs (dolby, ears etc) are useful and help make music more enjoyable depending on your mood.

My only real problem is how slow it can be booting up and changing sources. Sometimes it can be as long as a second!

DVDs play well, picture quality is good. I do occasionally notice some drive noise from CDs or DVDs, but not consistent and like computer caddies I think the differences between disc weight/thickness is an issue.

The remote is useful, allowing control of the tv and set top box through it, but does seem a bit clunky at times. But it is one of the better amalgamation systems I have used.

I would def. recommend as a audio/ video solution for someone who wants good quality play and forget solution.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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