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I have been approached by a good friend who has a networking company. He does data wiring for small offices and school renovations. He also has been doing some structured wiring systems for some local builders so the home owner has more choose from than the electrician or security guy has to offer. He has approached me since I am a Home theater hobbist/advisor. I have helped numerous people select and put together systems in the past, however, I do not sell product, so I directed them to Authorized sources

Here is the deal, my friend would like to become an Authorized reseller for some of the products he installs, ie AV receivers, AV distribution units (Niles, Russound, etc.), RPTVs and Plasma TVs.

Basically I want to see what you guys, the type of people he would be selling and installing for, would like to have offered to them. He does not want to carry a huge product line, maybe a few options at each price point.

What would you guys suggest (my suggestion in parenthesis):

Plamsa TV(Fujitsu, Pioneer and Elite and maybe something in the Sampo price range)

RPTV (Toshiba, Pioneer, Samsung)

Front Projectors??? (Not sure if we should extend this far)

Receiver (Pioneer, HK, Denon)

Audio and Audio/Video distribution units (Niles, Xantech, Russound, B&K)

In-wall/In-ceiling speakers (Def. Tech, Niles)

I listed Pioneer in a few because if he is an Authorized Dealer for the Plasma, he might as well offer the other products.

I was thinking that if he carried as little of 3 brands of each item he would increase his business greatly.

I cross-posted this in a couple other forums to get broad coverage.

Thanks for the advice,

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