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I noticed a smudge or small fleck on my 2018 Vizio P65-F1 yesterday. Should have left well enough alone but with the tv off, I took a small micro-fiber cloth (the kind you use on eyeglasses) and applied a bit of pressure (not a ton) in a circular motion to get the smudge out. I did *not* apply any liquid to the cloth or TV. I noticed that where I had wiped, there was now a foggy, cloud-like hazy appearance on the screen. I continued to wipe until the cloud-like effect was somewhat minimized. However, when viewed at an angle off to the right side of the TV (with the TV off), without light shining directly on it, I can still see a subtle, light white cloud film on the right side. Not all might notice it but it's definitely there, almost like a light discoloration. I can't really see it with the TV on or from normal frontal viewing and I don't appear to have any pixel damage. The set appears normal as usual, with viewing...at least for now.

Is the cloudish film likely to be damage to the anti-glare coating? I can't seem to get rid of it with the cloth. On some sites, they say the coating can only be damaged if you apply harsh chemicals to the TV while cleaning...while others say you can damage the coating simply by applying too much pressure to the TV.
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