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I am researching some whole audio options for installing into an existing house. The first question I'm trying to answer before even selecting a system is whether to homerun the speaker wire or not. A-Bus and Digi-5 systems obviously would not require that. Hoping to narrow down the selection I'm looking at how many watts would be pushed to each speaker in the different systems. One zone is going to a large room (3 car garage) and another is going to the patio.

Often some of the amplified keypads in a Digi-5 system say that it would amplify the signal to 30W per channel. Does that really mean 30W to each speaker in the pair for a total of 60W? Or are they considering the pair of speakers the "channel" which is not the way some distribution amps spec it. It seems different vendors mean different things.

Specifically, what about the Xantech D5KP DIGI5 Keypad (D5KP) and the ATON DIGI-5 Digital Amplified Touch Pad. Does the entire zone get 30W (15W per speaker) or does each speaker get 30W? Most of these systems have no way to further amplify the sounds as I've seen with A-Bus systems so I assume the later. Would this work for a patio?

Or am I completely misunderstanding something?

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For a stereo amp it would be two channels (left and right) with X watts per channel.

For a surround amp it might be (not counting the LFE channel) five channels (left front, center front, right front, left rear, right rear) with X watts per channel.
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