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My system:

Rotel 1055

Paridigm Monitor 7, CC 370, Mini Monitor PW 2200.

Toshiba 51 H83 RP HDTV

My current DVD Toshiba SD 4800 has been good to me. however my wife is using an old Hitachi DVD upstaiers that will play neither burned or MP3 CDs. Since she is not a critical listener she doesn't mind CDrs on a qualkity basis and would love to have MP3 ability on both a playlist (lots of hours of music on 1 cd) and "cost" basis (I won't debate all the ethical issues here.)

I want to move the SD 4800 upstairs so she can have these abilities and also it means I can get a new DVD;)

My criteria.

Progressive scan

Plays CDR (MP3 is NOT critical to me)

Picture quality equal (or hopefully better than) to the SD 4800

Redbook CD quality equal or better

DVD A would be nice but I don't own any and I don't know if I've even seen an SACD in Nova scotia let alone own one.

I prefer to keep it under $500 CAD.

I will order online or used BUT only if duties, taxes and shipping don't totally kill my budget.

Any suggestions what to look at and a source for the recommended product?

Thank you.
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