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What else do I need?

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I think I just bought a new JVC 34WP84 and stand. I will alos be picking up a new progressive scan DVD player. FOr now, we only have standard cable. I guess the next thing to think about is cables and a calibration dvd. What else do I need to be researching and buying for the new set up?

Oh, I have a case of Moosehead and the local pub is on speed dial for hot wings.:D
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I guess I should elaborate a bit. I am setting up the tv in a house with the original 25 year old cables. Replacing the cable might be a problem without busting out a bunch of plaster in the finished basement. In the electrical room, there is an old cable splitter Radio Shack ampifer routing the cable to six points I would upgrade these if there would be a gain in the quality of reception. A surge protector near the tv will probably be added as well.
What about running new RG6 cable around under the eaves (roof overhang) of the house, splitting as needed (remembering each split reduces signal strength) drilling a 3/8" hole through the wall from the exterior. Or run through the crawlspace or basement and drill up through the floor in a corner. What else?

How about the cable upgrade to HD that would get you a tuner? You need to see the difference!

What's your location? Is OTA a possibility? Channel Master 4228, very effective UHF antenna, $50, Channel Master 3041 Signal amplifier, $50, Get HDTV locals for FREEEEEEE!;)

p.s. Somebody correct if I'm wrong, but I don't think RG59 can handle HD.


pp.s.try your own eye before the calibration dvd, just a fun experiment.
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You really ought to get HD somehow. The way you do it depends upon what is available in your locale at what prices. OTA over the air is wonderful where available. Check the thread for the closest city in the local hd area. If you buy a STB with a QAM tuner you may find that you get hd and digital content over the cable you already have. Unless they have a trap mounted out at the pole, the digital cable signals are likely already coming through your line. You just need a tuner that can show them.
Works OK for me, even with what I'd call a long run. I have a 50-ft RG-59 cable that I run run from my set up the stairway to an amplifield Samsung antenna for the HD channels that are available only OTA in my area. There are only two hours per week that I need this, so for now it's a temporary setup that I tuck away when I'm not using it, but the RG-59 is working out fine. I went with RG-59 because it was cheaper and more flexible than the RG-6 stuff at Fry's. I know that RG-6 has better shielding (any other advantages?) but what I'm using now is working just fine. If I go to the trouble or expense (in a townhouse, might have to pay a pro...) to cut holes and make a permanent installation, I imagine I'll use RG-6.
RG6 has less signal loss per foot than RG59, but for 50feet or less its probably not an issue. At 100feet or so lengths though it adds up.
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