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what exactly is burn in?

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You see it talked about a lot, and it seems avoidable, but could someone explain what it is exactly? Does it only affect RPTV sets? How would one repair burnin if it occured? Replace the CRT guns? What steps should one take to avoid burnin?

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thanks.. that helps a little but more specifically how does it affect RPTV's? I assume the burnin occurs on the CRT guns themselves? If it occurs on an RPTV what does one do fix it? Replace the blue CRT gun? all of them? or something else entirely?
All the CRT's would need to be replaced. The big, dirty secret of RPTV's.
Hi gwichman,

You might want to go here for info on burn-in .


This is good information for RPTV and plasma type displays. What about direct view? They have CRT guns, but are they as susceptible to burn in as a RPTV? Should the same 100 hour philosophy apply to them as well?
The 100 hour doesnt apply so much, but direct view do age the same way. It would be cool to see a half life rating for direct view tvs.

Like any other display device the lifespan is GREATLY lengthened if properly adjusted. Id say that an average 36 inch tube would last 8 years with a good image. Of course Im pulling these numbers out of the air, but based on my experience.

Have you ever been to your relatives house that have an old console tv? The image looks like all the color has been sucked out of it. It still works great but all those years of torch mode have killed the phospers.
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