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What exactly is sent to the center channel in "extended" stereo?

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Do you think that in Extended Stereo, the center would simply have the same output as it does in Extended Mono, or are they trying to create a miniscule stereo effect among the drivers within the center speaker itself? Surely not the latter...

Ext.Stereo (Extended Stereo)
This mode is ideal for background music. Stereo sound is played through the surround speakers as well as the front speakers, creating a stereo image.

Ext.Mono (Extended Mono)
In this mode, all speakers output the same sound in mono, so the sound you hear is the same regardless of where you are within the listening room.

Obviously completely immaterial, just super curious about it for no good reason, if anyone here has any knowledge, theories, or guesses.
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Well mine is actually the VSX-1131 where they describe Extended Stereo a little differently. Either way, ofc the center channel cannot play stereo within itself, among its own drivers, unless it had two inputs. So must be the first assumption, that the center does exactly the same as it does when in extended mono.

Anyway thanks for reading. I'll try to get back around again sometime next year with another gem like this for you guys.
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