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What gain screen do I need?

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Screen size 72" x 54", and LCD projector output is rated at 700 ANSI lumens, but nearer 650 in actuality. I've done the sums and I've worked out that with a 1.0 gain screen, I'd get 24.1 foot lamberts.

I do sometimes have moderately high ambient light, but I would mostly be watching movies at night. I'm considering the Da-Lite model B range. What sort of screen gain / surface should I be looking at?

Also, would I be able to specify a given length of black border above the screen? This would be to centre the height of the screen!

Thanks in advance,

- J

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hi j

i have the model b and it is quite a nice screen (i like the it has sepaate locks for the different aspects

it dose tend to suffer ith the problem most pull downs have though a bit of sagging .the best thing i have found is to attach somthing to pull the bottom corners down a bit

not sure about the if you can specify a border size . the border size aint to bad though . on mine it's 5 inchs at the top and 3 1/2 on the other three sides

hope this helps



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Stewart's GreyHawk might be an option, it has a gain near 1.0 and it will give you better blacks and colours (less light bouncing around the room). Da-lite's grey screen (0.8 gain) might also be suitable as you have quite a bit of brightness on the screen.

If you plan to do any viewing in even moderate lighting a 1.3 gain screen would serve you well.


Kam Fung
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