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What HTPC Television to buy?

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A little help?

I have a sony GWIII 42" RPLCD that I use with my HTPC setup and I love it. My friend enlisted me to make him a HTPC to use with his Toshiba RP which I did. He now wants to upgrade his television. I am happy with my setup and so is he but I understand that the GWIV does not have a DVI but an HDMI and folks are not getting good results via the DVI-HDMI adapter. Here is my question, what sets are working well i.e. good resolution support, synching, etc, with the AGP 6600gt over DVI? What set should I tell him to buy? So something around 2000-3000 canadian dollars, and between 40/50 inches. How are the DLP folks finding this hardware combo? This is the obvious option and there are 42" sets for as little as 2K here in Edmonton, AB. I understand that these are old versions, however. Can some DLP gurus chime in here. The Sony GWIV sets are on sale for 2500 now, a huge dip, but I would like to advise him on a set that will work seamlessly (less probs for me). Thanks in advance!

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I think you'd get better results posting in the
Rear Projection Forum
I was more interested in the opinions of folks who actually use these sets with an HTPC as my concerns are HTPC related, but thanks for the link.

The Samsungs are very PC friendly. They have DVI, HDMI and VGA for PC. I use a 61" Sammy as my main HT TV. . 4 others that I'd built HTPC for also uses Sammy's.
I am currently using HDMI with my Panny LCDRP set. HDMI works great, the only trick is that it's very strict with the resolutions and timings. You can effectively elminate overscan by wrapping a different rez in a 1280X720 timing. Additionally the set has dual VGA inputs at the 50" size and 4 component inputs on top of the HDMI. You have numerous options.
I currently have a 55†Sony GWIV WF655 hooked up via the ATI DVI-component adapter and I also have had it setup with a DVI to HDMI adapter. Both of them work but I have Black crush, overscan, and 1080i flicker with the DVI to HDMI route. The DVI-component works best for me at 1080i. The picture is actually quite stunning once you have calibrated it and preformed the tweaks.
In terms of ease of connecting to a computer, I have to say a Pioneer 50" plasma or Samsung DLP rear projection TV. This is from personal experience, and I am sure there are other TVs that are just as suitable. Both units are recognized by the computer, and it was easy setting the correct resolution without needing additional software.

The pioneer plasma (PDP-503CMX, if I recall) has a 1280x768 resolution, which is supported by pretty much all video cards. Plus, it has no overscan. It is also very quiet: it has some cooling fans, but they rarely turn on. The downsides of this unit (apart from price) is that 1280x768 is not a true 16:9 aspect ratio, so images are subtly stretched. I don't notice this while watching DVD and such. Another problem is that plasmas, like all phosphor-based displays, can suffer burn-in. Unless you spend hours with a static image, such as the desktop, on screen, you should be fine. Picture quality is outstanding.

The set that I am currently using is a Samsung 56" DLP. It has a 1280x720 resolution, which is a true 16:9 aspect ratio, so no geometric distortion. It also doesn't suffer from burn-in. Downside is that the display has some overscan. Also, it is noisier and takes longer to turn on than the plasma. The viewing angle is smaller, particularly the vertical axis.
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Mitsus are also very PC friendly. I have my PC plugged into the RGB port of my WD-52525. It works great. I have 4 different ways to hook the PC up to the TV. RGB, RGBHV, component, and HDMI. :) The RGB port has some adjustments in the video menu to center the PC's screen on the TV, and some cool reduce modes to get rid of overscan, so that is what I am using.
Thanks all,

I knew some learned souls would step up!

Best, B
A little OT, but it is rumored that future Sony TVs may use Nvidia chips. I wonder if this will have an impact on how HTPCs interact with HDTVs?
Hi all,

Im retyping all of this again after it got trashed because of a hyperlink, god I hate spammers :mad:

Anyway im glad I have found this forum :)

I have a high spec pc with an ati aiw 9800 pro and I wish to use it for playing games on a large lcd screen. I believe I have 2 methods of connection :

1: To use the dvi out with a converter plug purchased from ati.

2: To use the existing red cable that has 3 hdtv plugs, an spdif plug and a stereo jack plug.

I have no idea which would provide a better gaming experience and hoping someone can give me some hints. Also I am in the u.k. so the hdtv monitor has to be one thats available over here.

Im not interested in sky so the copy protection issue doesnt bother me, although I will be using a digital terrestrial set top box.

The bottom line is this, if it doesnt produce equal or better graphics than my 17" lcd pc monitor then its of no use to me.

Im looking at this model - Video7 V7LTV32D 32" LCD TV

Any help or advice would be great.

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I recently got a Samsung HLP5085W. Its a 50" DLP, HD2+ ship. It's referred to as the Captain Kirk model.

Anyway, it has done an AMAZING job as a monitor. It takes both a vga connection as well as a dvi so there is no issue with getting a switch for the digital input. The picture quality is excelletn and when I plugged the copmputerinto it it automatically recognized the tv and used the proper resolution. I have not had to use powerstrip at all, though I still might to make sure I am getting 1to1 pixel mapping.

Ifits in your price range I would give it a serious looking at.
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