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What if some company produced a 960p display?

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960p is ALMOST 1080p. All the 480i SD that always looks crappy when upconverted would suddenly look great because it would only have to be doubled.

Now of course you wouldn't have 1080p but you would have much better than 768p.

If someone came out with a 960p display and SD looked great on it do you think people would buy it?

Knowing what we now know about how crappy SD looks upconverted wouldn't it have been better if the standard would have been set at 960p instead of 1080p so SD wouldn't look so bad?

Is 1440p the ULTIMATE answer? 480i would be tripled and would look good that way, too!
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I think it doesnt matter because there has to be some processing anyways, a 960 p screen would have less pixels to fill than a 1080 p screen, that is true, but I think the processing is more important than the sheer number of pixels. That is my guess anyway. My question is what will be the standard? Is it going to be like computers where it just keeps getting more and more? Will 1080 P be like a 333 mhz processor in five years when they have a TV that produces a 3000p picture? I hope they set a standard and just improve on the quality instead of trying to get more and more. Just my two cents.
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Most of the early HD Mitsubishi RP CRT sets scanned at 960p and 1080i. The idea that integer scaling factors make for better upconversion is largely an oversimplification. If it is done poorly it can actually look worse than a decent resampling at non-integer ratios. The original signal needs to be filtered anyway to avoid aliasing problems, and the newer scaling chips have become pretty good. Sure, done right, integer scaling could preserve some detail, but it could also make it pretty obvious that the source was lower res. Remember that you are also scaling to higher resolution in the H domain, which makes for some interesting problems, especially if you don't filter the low res source properly.
Plus, it's not as if all SD is 640 pixels horizontally. NTSC DVDs are 720x480. The pixels are not square, so some processing would be necessary with those anyway.
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