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Well, I made the mistake of getting an enclosed cabinet for my equipment and center channel speaker without realizing the issues with ported speakers.

I have Paradigm studio monitor mains, Cerwin Vega AT-12 rears and a Paradigm CC-290v5 center. I tried getting the center to work in the cabinet but I am not happy with the results so I am going to switch out to something else.

I am looking for a center around $350 or less that is made to work in an enclosed cabinet. I looked at Axiom but the reviews on here made it sound like they aren't a good choice (too bright, not so good build quality). And I also though of the Klipsch RC-52 II since it is front ported but I really can't let the speaker hang out the front by an inch because my speaker cover for the cabinet is velcro'd on and it would look ugly to not have the cover on.

What do you recommend?


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