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what is a 50 watt 70 volt transformer

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what does this do in an outdoor speaker? does it have to setting up multiple speakers?
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Thats what a "70 volt" system uses for the speakers. They can have different wires on them that will alter how much power the speaker will use. Actual 70 volt speakers usually have a dial on them to make adjustments. So, you can have the speaker set to 2 watts, 4 watts, 8, 16, etc. These systems are generally for commercial/ professional applications such as retail stores, gas stations, churches, night clubs, bars, etc.

The speakers get daisy chained so you could have 20 speakers "tapped" at 4 watts each powered off of a 100 watt with some headroom, with ease, for example.

Hope this helps!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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