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I need a very basic camcorder for uploading video to Google Video and Youtube. I had earlier intended to record in 640X480. I did not intend to use HD video, as it will take too long to upload, and too much space on my hard drive.

However, after reading this forum, I can see 720P taking off on Youtube, maybe I'd have the bandwith (using cable modem) to upload a few short clips.

I would use the camera by filming something, such as an indoor conference or outdoor event for 1-2 hours, and then dumping it onto a computer, editing it with basic software, and uploading it to the internet. This is how I am already accustomed to using my digital camera, and would like to utilize a similar process with a camcorder.

I could almost use my digital camera for this task, but my digital camera is insufficient in several ways

1. I need greater optical zoom than 4X, probably at least 6X

2. The sound pickup needs to be much improved

3. The size of the lens should be larger

Flash or digital-based memory is probably preferred for this task.

What cameras record at a maximum of 640X480? I have no trouble encoding that on my computer. Will I run into difficulty with 720P?

Do I need 720P or is it just too much hassle?

Which camera would you say meets these requirements without costing a lot of money?
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