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What is causing the spot-burns on my NEC XG?

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I thought I would start a new thread since I can't change the subject of my old thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...33#post5082533

and because my current problem were being buried at the bottom of the page.

Like the subject says I'm having problems with spot-burns on my NEC XG.

This problem occurred after doing the exact same thing as Curt Palme did with his NEC XG to get his spot-burn but wasn't as easy to resolve.

Here is his thread about the same thing basically.

I was going to do astig adjustments which required the projector to be on while adjusting it. So I removed the plastic covers and unscrewed the hinged board. As soon as I lifted the hinged board up and tried to move the cable bundle to the right when standing in front of the projector past the holes where the top cover connects I ended up with an unpleasant sparkling and a blue that went all over the map.

It then shutdown by itself but it didn't leave a spot-burn at that point.

That happened a while later when I unplugged all connectors on the Horizontal Deflection board and the HV powerboard and the blue socket and then plugged them back in firmly.

I thought this would remedy the problem but instead this was what caused my spot-burn. The blue still went all over the map but when it shut down by itself it created the spot-burn.

This is what the projected image looks like for the few seconds it works until it shuts down...

Here's a pic of the G2 leads connected to the High Voltage Power Board..

Here's a pic of a scraped G2 lead leading to red socket.

Here's a pic of the G2 lead on the blue socket.

I'm at a loss what to try next.

Any ideas would be most helpful...I really don't ant to scrap this unit...
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