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What is missing from the below $5000 projector?

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I have been searching this and the under $5000 thread for several months now and I would like to know why you have chosen to go with the higher priced >$5000 projector. My example is what I see as some new projectors in the Below $5000 market. Why is the Sony VPL-11/12HT worth $6000 more than the Sony VPL-HS10? I know the HS10 is not on the market yet but it is a great example. There are others out there that pose the same question. I know there are things I have missed in the two levels of projectors. What have I missed in my searching?

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The infocus X1 looks like a great piece of kit that I would have seriously considered if only it had been a higher resolution. Still a bargain at $1699 though.

Next one up looks like the NEC HT1000....

In the case of the Sony projectors, the resolutin is the same. Why is the 12ht so much more money than the HS10? Is it internal electronics, panel connections or what?
This is a good question though mine is reverse. I have been looking in the over $5000 section wanting to replace my Sony D50Q. I'm having a hard time spending $10k or more.

So, my question is are any of the under $5k close to the HD1 or HD2 machines? Has anyone for example compared the Piano 3200 to an HD1 machine? thanks, joe
For under $5K go with the Infocus LS110. There is a lot of video in that tiny box.
Originally posted by Mike191
In the case of the Sony projectors, the resolutin is the same. Why is the 12ht so much more money than the HS10? Is it internal electronics, panel connections or what?

I was wondering the same thing. Besides the improved contrast, here is the main difference between 12Ht and HS10:

This is an email from Scotty, from RK Media:

Hi there,

11HT to the HS10 the big difference is in the LCD panel. On

the HS10 it is only 0.87" wide where as the 11HT is 1.37". If using a

small screen (50-75") you will not see the difference, however if you

intend to go larger than that the edges will look pulled out on the

HS10. That is why the 11HT is more money.

Thank you for your interest.


RK Media

Hope this explains it.

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Nice call Gus. I think quite a few of us have been pondering that one. The specs listed at projectorcentral.com would seem to back up what Scotty says at RK.
How about weight? When I was at CEDIA I was looking at the Sharp 10000 and thinking that it had a little nicer image than my Sharp M20x, but it's a lot bigger and would be harder for me to just take to friend's houses, take with me on airplanes, have 2 theater setups in my house where I move the projector back and forth, etc.

Many of those higher end projectors at CEDIA made me more happy with my M20x, then I saw the JVC SX21 and decided I could deal with the heavier weight :) I think the solution is 2 projectors :)

Can't wait to find out if Piano's HD2 pj will be way under 5 grand as their 3200 is. That may be the cheap seats to the big show.

Where did you hear that Piano is coming out with an HD2 unit? joe
What's missing? Simple - the huge depreciation!
I don't understand how a .87" lcd panel would cause the edges to look pulled out compared to a 1.37" panel. I'm sure the light path and lens is optimized accordingly.

Those who have posted about the projector haven't commented on this. Is this obvious and I'm just missing it?
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