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What is my Best A/V Setup?

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There are actually 2 inputs besides the RGB in the back. The S-video can be used as either an RCA composite or an S-video composite input. Then there is one input that is only RCA Composite.

Does anyone know where there is a cheap S-video switcher that you can control with a remote?


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Okay, so on the back you have TWO RCA inputs, one which is also an S-Video. Okay, that makes sense.

As for the switcher, the cheapest I've seen is the Sima SVS-4 which can actually combine a number of S-Video AND composite (RCA) to a single S-Video. Seems perfect for you, but it's at least $100 that I could find. It uses a remote.

There is a cheap, manually controlled (no remote), Sony S-video switcher for $50-70 at places like Best Buy...

If you really are going for remote controlled s-video, and have a DVD player, I suggest you spend a bit more and get a dolby digital A/V receiver that can switch ALL your audio and video -- Something along the lines of a Kenwood VR-407 -- price around $300 if you hunt for it, (I have a 209, doesn't switch s-video) I think... Then, if you want the full effect of a DVD, you add the surround speakers and a powered sub...

Run everything through the receiver to the TV/stereo system, use the TV only as a monitor...

Just a thought....

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I have a system similar to the original posting. Here's what I've done, although I have a cheap AV receiver that acts as a 2-1 mux, and have no cable box:

Video sources:









Video Targets:





I split the cable and send to the VCR's coax input, to the ReplayTV 3030, and to the Tivo.

The coax output of the VCR is connected to the TV's coax input.

The ReplayTV is connected to the TV's Video 1 input (s-video)

The DVD is connected to the TV's Video 2 input (component video)

The TV's audio output (line level) is connected to the AV receiver's TV input, so I don't have to switch the receiver as I hop from ReplayTV to Tivo on the television.

The XCAM receiver is connected to the Line 1 input of the ReplayTV.

The VCR1 video input of the AV receiver is connected to the N64.

The VCR2 video input of the AV receiver is connected to the Playstation.

The video output of the AV receiver is connected to the VCR L2 input.

The TiVo is connected to the VCR's L1 Input.

The DVD's composite video output is connected to the ReplayTV's Line 2 input.

I'm able to switch it all by remote, but I need to make a configuration chart for the family. My nine-year old boy has mastered the system. My wife has retreated to the living room.


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Ok...I am having trouble trying to figure out how I am going to set up all of my equipment. Since I expect Verizon to actually install a phone line soon (actually just correct the mistakes they have made), I will be able to use my Replay and TiVo finally.

Here is what I have.

Sony 27" Wega


1 Coaxial

1 S-video/RCA composite

1 Back mounted RCA composite

1 Front Mounted RCA composite

1 RGB composite (which I think is completely useless to me)

Here is what I want to hook up:

ReplayTV 3030

TiVo 30hr unit

Raite 715 DVD player (S-video & RCA Composite output)

N64 RCA ouput (could purchase a coaxial adapter)

Sanyo VCR (Coaxial ouput)

Digital Cable Box (Comcast, think it is a DCT-2000 or something like that)

X-10 Video Reciever (for X-cam2 cameras, not really a necessity to get running right now)

Ok here is my dilema. I want the DVD to use the S-video straight into the TV for best Picture quality (does anyone have an exact account of how much replay degrades the DVD picture). I figure the N64 has to be hooked directly to the TV, because otherwise the compression/decompression delay would affect gameplay. I also do not want to hook the TiVo & Replay on the same line, because I think that would be silly (better to have them with there own inputs for simulataneous recordings, right?). I also would prefer not to use the front mounted input for cosmetic reasons (although I realize I may have to). I would also like to be able to view different shows while the units are recording, but I don't think this is possible, b/c replay will tune the Digital Cable box to the recorded channel, right?

So can anyone offer suggestion as to how to set this up? What is the ideal way to work this all out. I am not really an expert in this stuff so I figured some of you might help.

Thanx ahead of time,

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If I were you, I'd just get an S-Video switcher and use everythign on S-Video. Use the front mounted RCA's for the video game. You're hooking up a lot of video goodies, I'd probably just use a receiver to switch everything actually. I'm shocked that Sony put only one input in the back of their flagship TV line, the RGB is nice but you'd rather have another set of RCA inputs back there, wouldn't you?
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