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Hi all,

I have a massive collection of blu-rays including many 3D blu-rays. The last two I have picked up are Gravity and Thor and I have absolutely hated the experience of watching both in 3d (despite really enjoying both in the cinema). I didn't make it past it through the halfway point of either. Reading reviews of both discs they seem to be exceptional 3d blu-rays with gravity potentially being the best 3d blu-ray there is. My issue is really excessive 3d cross-talk.

Any bright objects on a black/dark back-ground have serious cross-talk. This makes gravity borderline unwatchable. Other very prone areas are any subtitles or texts on the screen, and any action outside the plane of focus. If two characters are talking and there's a forest in the background then the characters won't have any cross-talk but the trees in the background will have heaps. Same idea holds true for objects in the foreground. I've watched lots of 3d blu-rays on my set before so I don't know if the problem has actually worsened or whether I'm being more picky with it.

I have a Sony HX950 which I really love and went through a lot of different tvs to land on this one. Is 3D cross-talk that I speak of a current constraint on the active glasses technology or do I have an issue with my set? I'd say more scenes than not exhibit fairly severe cross-talk. I wanted to get some feedback before calling Sony.

Thanks guys.

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For the record, the 2012 HX950 has about best picture I've ever seen.  And absolutely the best motion handling.  Truly a stunning marvel that set; you chose well.  It's among the sets that Sony fans harken back to when they pine about "When Sony was king", or words to that effect, (along with the 909 and 929).


I'm a passive 3D person; I can't help you directly :-/ but I can point you to the place where you should definitely ask about this.  I would also ask "What are the best active glasses for my set".


This thread is for the HX950:
Sony XBR-HX950 Owners' Thread (XBR-55HX9​50 and XBR-65HX95​0)
These forums are for 3D.  These guys can help.
3D Tech Talk
3D Displays
3D Source Components
3D Content


Good luck with this!  Let folks know if you found a solution!
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