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What is the 21-26" Flat Panel for my workstation

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So my Apple Cinema 22" (1st generation) took a dump today and I'm

looking to get a replacement. FWIW, I use it on a Windows - DVI platform.

So far, I've been looking at the following monitors

L985EX 21.3"

LG 2320A

Both have pretty decent resolution rates vs. the Sharp Aquos 26"which I checked out but it only does 1,366x768. Contrast & Brightness ratio specs looks GREAT. Just not sure how much of the resolution will be an issue after working in 1900x1200 for 3 years..........
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I just ordered the brand new Dell 2405fpw (24") flat screen. I love the 2005fp (20") screen I already have. The 2405fpw runs at 1920res. It has many outputs, including DVI. I'm gonna run the 24" with the 20" together. I have various input sources - 2 desktop PCs, a laptop, and cable TV. Lots of fun! Sounds like it might satisfy your needs.

There is a great deal on it too right now - check out ************** or some of the other "hot deal" sites if you want to know more.
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