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Hi everyone

I've been looking and researching for months and months on what type of TV to buy, but I just can't seem to find one that I'm satisfied with. I would love to go OLED because as I understand it OLED provides the best PQ but burn-in will always be at the back of my mind, and despite how careful I could be with managing the content I watch it just feels like too big a risk. Burn in is permanent and there is no warranty to cover it, I simply cannot live with that, so I'm ruling OLED out.

What I would like is a 55" LCD TV that is Full Array, doesn't have blooming or light bleed issues, performs well in SDR and HDR and is ideal for a dark room? The closest I have found for meeting that criteria is the Samsung QLED Q8FN from 2018 but the availability of that model is lacking here in Austarila. The 2019 Q80R looks like it's as good in some areas but I've heard contrast and colour is not as good as the Q8FN, and the Q80R is quite expensive.

It would be nice to have Dolby Vision and HDR10+ like the Panasonic 2019 LCD/LED line up, but these models are all edge lit, so I'm not considering these for that reason.

Some recommendations would be nice.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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