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Hey y'all,

New here to the AVS Forum and need a little advice concerning getting a new receiver. Here is the following list of what I am running....using it mainly cause there is only ONE HDMI in the Sony TV...

Currently have:

---Sony 50 inch LCD Back Projection TV w/ONE HDMI IN (1080i Max.)...There is a optical audio out...not using it now.

---Onkyo TX-DS474 (Running 5.1 only on DVD player...Want to run 5.1 everthing possible

---Phillips DVD711 (Run Component Cable into Sony 50inch TV

---Panasonic DMR-E18 DVD Recorder w/HDMI Out..running component cable out right now

---Comcast HD DVR Cable Box (Only thing running HDMI to TV)

---Nintendo Wii (Running standard cables into TV and current Onkyo)

---Speakers are....Mains-Bose 302

Sub - JBL Powered (AC Power needed) 10"

Center&Surrounds - JBL Trio System

--I also have a Logitech Harmony 520 to runthe old set up....or the new one.

--DVD Note....I don't see us upgrading to BD anytime soon since I don't want to replaced a lot of our DVD collection, but you never know...might one day.

I have been searching for a while looking for a new receiver to handle all my HD needs.

Here is the question......What is the best AV Receiver that would both take all inputs to ONE HDMI to the Sony TV and upconvert all analog signals to my highest possible...1080i??? Also...would run 5.1 audio on all possible??

Please answer all questions within to your best ability. I look forward to hearing what all you have to say for my current/changing AV situation.



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I would not worry too much about 1080i conversion if I were you. You just need analog to HDMI conversion. And that's pretty common these days.

By the way, Blu-ray players play DVD discs, so you would not have to replace your discs. It would just give you the option of buying some movies in BR. Old movies in HD don't necessarily look better, in my experience - it depends on the transfer.

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You have to wonder why manufacturers even put an upscaling chip in the receivers any more given the fact that most HDTVs can do as good a job - and probably better than most receivers. It would lower the price and let them concentrate on doing what a receiver should do - video switching and audio.

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Lee, I'm by no means an expert and both Knucklehead and MichaelJHuman know what they are talking about, I think. I agree with Michael about the Blu Ray. They do play regular dvd's, so I would not let the fact that all you have are regular dvd's not deter me from getting one, if you want one. You could do as I do, have both a Blu Ray and regular dvd player hooked up to your receiver, too.

5.1 audio is played through optical or coaxial cables, too. So, if any of the components you have listed, have one of those outputs, you will be able to get 5.1 if you get a receiver with enough of those inputs.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with any of your equipment nor with any/many receivers, but most newer receivers are coming out with multiple hdmi inputs and many still have multiple optical and coaxial inputs. I just ordered a Harman Kardon receiver that has 3 hdmi inputs (one output), "two rear panel/one front panel" coaxial inputs and "three rear panel/one front panel" optical inputs. It also does upscaling (which I know nothing about). I am sure that there are many more receivers out there with as many or more of these features. So, I can not really suggest which receiver. I would look at any of the common ones people talk about here (Denon, Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha, Harman Kardon, Sony, and I'm sure there are more) that is in your price range (your didn't give one) and go for it.

Sorry, I'm not any more help. Good luck in your quest.
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