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What is the best UHF antenna?

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Still in search of a clean UHF signal.

I'm 29 miles from Atlanta, but am in a black hole!

What is the hands down best UHF only antenna for outdoor use?
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Don, there is no one answer to your question. There is not really a quality standard to this, against which competing models can be judged and one very best seclected. Often, it is a matter of trying things and seeing what works. Read many other threads with approximately this same name, and you'll see the above answer mixed in with "I have XXXX, and it works good for me".

At only 29 miles, a lot of different antennas should work for you. Try antennaweb.org and see what it recommends. If you want to go a little further, step their recommendation up a point or two. For instance, given the distance, I would bet it will probably recommend a medium size antenna with preamp. So buy a large(r than medium size) antenna with preamp. Size matters and bigger is almost always better.

I'm about 35 miles from the principle towers in my area. I use a Blake JBX-21, which is more than I need for the locals. I bought it to try to reach approx 80 miles for distant broadcasters in Miami and Orlando. It does o.k. with those. When I was in your shoes, all the research I did led me to it.

Is it the "best"? Who knows? But it tends to rank highly when others ask your question. Good luck.
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Antenna . Org 2months ago had me in light green, which when I began this project led me to try a terk 55. Not even close.

But the best part is, when trying ro show a friend of mine the web site last week, They now have me rated pink&purple! Guess the figured out I am indeed in a black hole here. The same antenna 10 houses away from me works ok for analog signals at said friends house, but will not pick up anything here.

Have tried a Terk tv36, better, but no dice. A radio shack UHF only, does fine on some channels, but is weak on cbs, and will not pull in abc (all UHF signals at similar headings.)

So I guess my question should be what antenna would be best for fringe areas. The antenna you mentioned works from 90miles? Could be the ticket.
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Go to this web site for information on successful reception without line-of-sight:


I think horizontaaly stacked Blake JBX21's or Televes are probably the best.
A Channel Master 4221 4-bay antenna will greatly outperform those Terk antennas and should be more than enough to do the job. If you really want to go overboard and you're certain that all of the transmitters for the stations you want to receive are located close together, the Channel Master 4228 8-bay antenna will certainly work.

I'd be inclined to try the 4221 first (it's only about $24) and if there's still shaky reception with a station or two, then add a low noise preamp with good overload characteristics like the Winegard AP-4700 ($30 to $60, depending on vendor). Note that these are all UHF components and will not be useful for any DTV stations that are in the VHF band (2 through 13).

All of these are available from online vendors like Stark Electronics, Solid Signal, Warren Electronics, A1Components, etc...
Looks like you didn't do too much reading here before you bought that crap antenna. As others have said there is no "perfect" antenna. I tried 2 well respected antennas before I hit on the right combo for me with the third. OTA HD is a lot of trial and error. Do some research here, there are lots of posts for people in Atlanta, and search for any antenna you might be thinking of trying, odds are someone here has used it and reported on it.

Based on what you posted I too would recommend the CM 4 bay unit, it's a good staring place.
I live in the western suburbs of Chicago about 30 miles from the Sears Tower and in a hole where reception OTA has always been poor. I went through a series of antennas trying to find one I could use in the attic. The Terks were @#$%@ every one I tried. Then since all of the digital channels (except for channel 2 which decided to use channel 3 for digital-unbeleivable blunder on their part) are on UHF, I decided to look at strictly UHF antennas. I went to Radio Shack and purchased a small 40" beam UHF only antenna (Cat # 15-2160) and it is simply the most amazing antenna for digital channels I have seen that works fine in my home in the attic. The antenna is only $21.60 and returnable if it doesn't work for you. I had a guy in San Francisco that was having problems with local digital channels and tried everything except this one. He bought it and Emailed me back with great praise on how it allowed him to get all of his local digital channels and very few if any dropouts. It's worth a try and no loss if it doesn't work for you.
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The radio Shack antenna does work pretty good. It is my latest attempt. But i still can't pull in cbs and abc. I need to try adjusting the tilt, suspect that may be why it performs no better on the roof than in the attic. Think I will try the channel master 8 boom next. Trouble is can"t seem to find one locally so i can easily return it should I need to go to a bigger one.

You guys have been very helpful.

Channel master list Lowes as a retail outlet. Has anyone bought a 4228 from them, or is it strictly an internet item?

If you're trying to get Atlanta, you need a VHF/UHF fringe antenna and a good low noise, high gain preamp. Atlanta has both VHF & UHF digital stations. Get a good Channel Master VHF/UHF antenna and preamp. The CM 7777 is one of the highest rated preamps on this forum.

Do NOT buy any junk antennas from TERK. They are made to look pretty for WAF, but they don't perform well.

You should try different spots on your roof or in your attic. UHF can often have hot and cold spots, so moving a couple of feet might help (unfortunately it usually helps some channels and hurts others).

I am curious as to the height of your antenna that allows you to reach the Orlando as well as Miami markets. I'm in St. Lucie county.
All of the digital channels in Atlanta are UHF, except NBC which for me is not a problem as I rarely watch NBC. The main quest for High def locals is for football, hence FOX,ABC, and CBS.

Wish I stiil had everything in the attic, its in the 30's with rain and wind here, so they'll be no tinkering today:)
What works for me is a Channel Master 4228 antenna which is twice the size (2x wider) of the 4221 noted above. I'm 40 miles from Cincinnati and get their digital stations. I have this "ugly" antenna in the attic and fortunately it still works great. Purchased on line from site below.
Don, the CM 4228 is one of the highest gain UHF antennas. It, and a CM 7777 preamp shoud get you working.

The company UD#1 mentioned above has very fast shipping on antennas & preamps. I've used them many times.
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