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What is the best way to layout this room? 13'9"W X 9'H X ?????

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I made a post earlier on here and have now decided to take advantage of the lower right bottom of my basement and go for a closed Home Theater, instead of open concept. (Wife finally approved Basement Home Theater. Any...)

Right now I have a width of room at about 13' 9" (unfinished), and a Height of 8'8" to 9' with minimal obstructions. I can go as long as I want, but I will be walling off the North space before the window.

I can enter through the back of the room and am thinking of doing 2 rows of seats (guessing four, right?) and maybe a bar at rear, but that's not essential as I doubt we'll entertain down in this basement). I will likely build in shelves under the stairs to have components on side wall.

1.) What screen size should I target? (Using a Epson 5030u, but can upgrade someday)
2.) Ideal seating configuration? (Right now I have a 120" screen and first row is about 10'6" away and it seems to work fine)
3.) How "long" should I make this room?

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Note, there is no wall on either side at the bottom of the steps. So someone would walk down the steps and turn left into theater (with door). Pocket door? Need to make sure I have clearance for a door.
How many seats do you want?
How many seats do you need?

Door is in a poor location for a multi row theater.
Hey @BIGmouthinDC !

I guess the more the merrier, but 6 would be nice, 8 or more would be great.

I can move door to the upper left if necessary and have people enter from front of theater? Or move screen down to bottom of room, and enter from the back?

I'm just trying to get ideal dimensions based on ceiling and width, and then see where I might need a projector to be and if there is interference in the ceiling.
Move door between front row and screen wall. 24-30 inch deep area behind acoustically transparent screen wall and actual front wall. screen to back of first row 11-12 ft. Could go like you have now with 10-6 with 4K projector but you may want a bigger screen. Back of second row 6 1/2 ft from back of first row. 1 1/2 to 2+ feet behind second row. You could do 4 seats across the back row but the side surrounds will be close to the end seats. Big a$$ steps see my thread on that subject. Room for stage if you want it.

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Another option enter at riser height from a new landing connected to second step

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This is awesome, thank you @BIGmouthinDC

How big of a screen would I go?
How much more expensive is a decent transparent screen than normal?
Can I squeeze four seats in (love seat middle- 125") and just cheat to the right a little (maybe maybe 24" aisle on one side and 12" other)? We have a family of four, so odd man out every time might get contentious.
I have a trunk line right at 11' from bottom of wall, I might have to cheat to either side of that, but can probably mount onto it, as it doesn't extend past ceiling. Should I upgrade to 4k as this point? I have a pristine Epson 5030u and they still sell used for about $800 or so.
Stage is just for looks right? I prefer to have wall mounted components, or I guess placed behind screen is okay too if I go AT. Is that highly recommend?
Components on shelves behind glass okay (under stairs to left of first row?)
Advantages of entering at riser height? Should this be a pocket door?

This is great, thank you.
do the back riser with 4 theater seats, do the front seating as a large comfy sectional couch. Throw in some oversized beanbags for kids if they want to lay down on em. Use ottomans as you wish. false wall with transparent screen ( you can just buy the fabric and stretch it out ). Def would upgrade the 5030 to a 5040 or native 4k. I would go as bis as I could with perhaps 1ft on each side of the screen for some sconces.
a row of four seats with center loveseat can be done within 109 inches. From my idea bank is the Fusion Jive seats 109 inches wide with center loveseat and 115 for the four seats. If your room ends up at 13 ft wide finished that leaves about 2 ft aisles on both sides using the loveseat.

Picture from google of the Jives and center loveseat with convertible arm rest.

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