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What is the bulb (lamp) technology used on projectors?

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On those projectors that use a light source (not CRT projectors) do the bulbs have a filament, or are they Xenon arc? Or does it depend on output? I have read about expensive bulb replacements on both FP and RP sets and I am curious as to what bulb technology is common.
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Originally Posted by tomrakers
Another thing is that we extend the lifetime up to 20.000 hours making consumer products realistic.
Ooooh! I want one of those 20K hour lamps!

Then we could all complain 'cause I only got 5000 hours and he only got 15,000 but guy down the street got almost 40,000 before it blew up! :p
There is no filament. The light is generated by an electric arc jumping between two electrodes about a millimeter apart. The gas inside the bulb (usually mercury vapor) was chosen to give the brightest light of the best color subject to ensuring a reasonable lifetime before the electrodes wear away from evaporation, increasing the gap width and depositing dark material on the inside of the bulb. It requires a high pressure inside the bulb, thus some lamp failures result in explosions.

Considerable precision is needed to seal the electrodes inside the glass bulb with the proper inside dimensions and to get the electrode gap aligned properly within the reflector when the lamps are assembled. Thus the cost is high.

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