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What is the difference between Lexicon MC-1 and DC-2?

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I am considering updating my current processor from a Denon AVP 8000 to a Lexicon, and I am trying to understand the real difference between a Lexicon MC-1 and DC-2. I have no dealer in my area, I have each pieces of literature from Lexicon, I have checked out the SMR forum, but outside of specifications, cosmetics, and connector differences that I have found using these various resources, it seems they are pretty much the same unit. Can anyone provide any input in to less obvious differences? Anyone ever try both of these units out in a side by side comparison in their own home?

Finally, will these units be upgradeable to the new audio standards coming soon?

Thanks for your help
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the MC-1 has that cool blue display that i wish my DC-2 had http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif hmm, upgrade?

it is hard to tell the exact differences, other than the above and the "broadcast quality video". i think it also depends a lot on your setup. i was almost ready to get an MC-1 but my dealer, knowing my room and setup, convinced me that i really wouldn't get anything extra out of the MC-1 and to save the $2k and get the DC-2. the DC-2 is an outstanding unit in it's own right.

if you want to talk to him, his name is John Peters at Definitive Audio in Bellevue, over here on the rainy side of the state. his number is 425-746-3188, tuesday thru saturday. tell him joe-bob sent ya...

they should be upgradable to anything that comes along, but only if Lexicon decides to support it. but then that's true of any brand...



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The MC-1 has better D/A and A/D converters, better dynamic range and SNR. The D/A converter is a multi-bit delta-sigma design which does 96kHz. The A/D is a dual-bit delta-sigma 24 bit converter.

The DC-2 has only the single bit delta-sigma 24 bit D/A and A/D converters.

Essentially, the MC-1 is truly 24/96 capable, while the DC-2 is able to accept 24/96, but then downconverts it before processing.


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